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Baked whole chicken on kosher salt... There is noone alive, I'm certain who has not seen or used this recipe in some variation. Chicken is a staple and a favorite of nearly everyone, but this is also a real favorite in our family., so I was obligated to add it.

If you are looking for a baked whole chicken recipe that will look festive, will be crispy and juicy and of course will taste great, then this is the one for you.

And let's not forget that this is a low fat recipe, since we are not adding one drop of oil. If you are watching your weight, this recipe will be perfect for you although it will be better (a shame, but better) to take off the skin before starting eating]

Don’t worry from the amount of the salt you see on the ingredients, the chicken will not be salty but will get a really great crispy skin.

There are basically 2 ways to make this chicken, it really depends upon the size of your pan and if you want to add potatoes or not.

The results will be the same no matter which way you select to prepare it.
What are the two different ways that you can fix it?

The first method will be to spread the kosher salt all over the bottom of the chicken roasting pan and cover it with baking sheet, such as parchment paper or foil, which will give you all of the baking sheet space on which to cook your chicken and the potatoes to go with them.

Or...you can put the chicken straight onto the pan and sprinkle the salt around the chicken, in this way you can use less salt but remember.... make sure the salt won't touch the chicken.

Preparation time :10 Minutes     Cooking Time: 60 Minutes      Servers People: 4 people


  1 whole chicken

  1 kg kosher salt

  1 cup date syrup/honey

  Cloves of garlic - as many as you want

  Potato's - as many as you want as long as they will not overlap each other


  1 lemon

  Baking sheet

How to...

1. Wash and dry the chicken

2. Remove any unnecessary fat

3. Sprinkle the kosher salt all over the pan and cover it with a Baking shit

4.Rub the chicken from the inside and the outside with the honey or the date syrup, sprinkle with freshly ground black pepper.
5. insert inside the chicken a whole lemon cut in half

6. put the chicken over the baking sheet, lay the thyme leaves on and around the chicken.
7. add washed and unpeeled potatoes around the chicken

8.Preheat your oven to 200ÂșC-350 F

9. cook the chicken for an hour until he will turn brown and the juices will run clear after you pierce it with a fork.or your meat thermometer reads 180 degrees.