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It was so hot outside, almost 40 degrees, we just came back from a walk in the park and we were starving! All I really wanted to eat was sushi (but were we live the sushi is, well… Inedible and I am being gentle) so I had no choice but to cook lunch on my own, again!

As usual, there was nothing ready to eat in the fridge (although I was counting on baked chicken wings from two days ago, but someone must have been hungry last night, yossi! Was that you?) And we had to cook something really quickly (or order a pizza) so... quickly I defrosted a big pile of chicken wings, hoping to prepare a nice dish out of nothing.

The pantry was sad and empty but I did found one can of coconut milk and I was able to find a few coriander leaves and some sweet chili sauce

I mixed them all together and made a very easy, very tasty, and very quick dish of baked chicken wings.

There is something about coconut milk that gives the chicken (beside the gorgeous taste) tenderness that my girls love so much; recipes with coconut milk are always a winner in our house.

Preparation Time :5 Minuts    Cooking Time: 30 Minuts     Serves People : 6 people


number  1 kg clean chicken wings

number  Salt

number  1 can of coconut milk

number   1/2 cup sweet chili sauce

number   4 Tbsp coriander-chopped

How To...

Very easy....

1.Mix the chicken wings with the coconut milk, the sweet chili sauce and the coriander; make sure the wings are all covered.

It is better if you have the time to leave them overnight in the fridge, we were too hungry to wait and it was delicious any way

2.Preheat your oven to 200ÂșC

3.Place the chicken wings on the oven tray overlapping each other and pour the remaining marinade on top of them

4. Bake the chicken wings for 30 minutes until they are brown on the edges.

Gal my oldest, enjoyed them so much she couldn’t stop eating them (or because she was very hungry) after 10 minutes………. There was nothing left